On April 2, 2015, the trend of the sports Cheap Oakley Sunglasses brand Oakley today officially launched a new brand promotion events in China: ONE take was addicted in the end!Chinese badminton player Lin Dan as Oakley China brand ambassador first published his "One take was obsessed with" declaration.Film will by Lin inner monologue show his obsession for badminton sports, incentive and ordinary consumers.The film will be released through the Oakley's official website as well as the social platform, also will cause # through social media LiveYours discussion topics, invite athletes, the pioneer of creation and obsession with dreamer participation to share their stories, discuss: perseverance will lead us to where?
Oakley, senior vice President of global marketing David Adamson said: "clinging to the dream is not the patent of athletes, as long as the heart is full of passion, striving to desire the idea into reality in the heart, you can join dream. Oakley through ONE take was obsessed with what activities encourage insists persistent dreamer."
Google recently announced Google Cheap Oakley Sunglasses glasses examples of integration with the traditional eyes, sunglasses, new partners for the Italian Andrea glasses group, the group owns ray-ban brand, Oakley, etc.
This strategic cooperation relationship has been described as "design, development, sales, and promising cooperation glasses products will be" crossing high-end fashion, lifestyle and the boundaries between the "innovative technology.Oakley Sunglasses Outlet has equipped with a display of wearing goggles, two projects will continue to independent development of merger or curious. Big will help Google glasses to expand out of more than 40 kinds of titanium products, Google "moon captain" Astro Teller believe that cooperation will promote "smart glasses" progress - although the wearer needs to wait for the law is perfect.
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